Dumpster Pricing for construction/household waste

All dumpsters have doors in the back that open for easy access.
There is a slight elevation from the ground – approx. 6 inches.

Dumpster Size3-day Rental7-day Rental14-day RentalDisposal Rate
Minimum 1 ton charge
Prorated after 1 ton
9 yard (W 6 x L 12 x H 3.5) $395$435$535$140/ton
17 yard (W 8 x L 14 x H 4) $435$465$565$140/ton
25 yard (W 8 x L 16 x H 5) $465$495$595$140/ton
30 yard (W 8 x L 17 x H 6) $495$525$625$140/ton
10 yard (W 8 x L 16 x H 2) Soil/clean fill Clean fill includes: dirt, sod/grass, small plants, sand, rocks, river stone and aggregates$410$440$640includes disposal
10 yard (W 8 x L 16 x H 2) Concrete/brick $410 $440 $640$30/ton
10 yard (W 8 x L 16 x H 2) Asphalt $410 $440 $640$30/ton

Clean fill includes: dirt, sod/grass, small plants, sand, rocks, river stone and aggregates

Materials that are NOT accepted as clean fill: branches, wood, mixed garbage including food waste and paper/cardboard and asphalt.

Delivery of Landscaping materials Delivery charges without a dumpster rental: $150Delivery charges with a dumpster rental: $125
- Crushed stone (GA)
- Stone dust
- ¾ clear stone
- Soil, river stone and other material
available upon request

Metal Recycling: A credit will be applied to your invoice. Credit rates vary.

Additional fees will apply for the following:

  • Appliances: $46 per unit
  • Mattresses: $26 per unit
  • Tires: $20 per unit
  • Scrape fee: $40 may apply for winter months

A $20/day fee will apply after the 14-day rental period.

** It is your responsibility to advise us when the dumpster is ready for pick up.

Relocation of a dumpster: $125

Travel charge may apply (if residing outside the Ottawa region): $80 – $175

*Prices subject to change*

*HST is not included in above pricing*

Additional Information

No Hazardous Waste (e.g., Flammable, explosive, toxic or corrosive materials – including propane tanks, fuel, motor oil, paint, car batteries, etc…)

No Bio hazardous Waste and No Biomedical Waste (e.g., syringes, lancets etc…)

If in doubt or have any further questions, please contact us by phone or email 613-880-3335 or info@mrdumpster.ca prior to placing these items in dumpster.

Please contact your local city/municipality on how to safely dispose of the above items.

Ton = 1,000kg/2,204 lbs.

Our dumpsters are not to be filled past wall height or overloaded. If dumpster is overfilled, we may not be able to transport and additional fees will apply. Also note that fines can be issued by Transportation Authority for safety hazards.